Tuesday, September 12, 2017

From Helen, September 12, 2017:

I can’t get to the Blog at work so I am sending you both an email.

Saturday I asked Dad about how he was feeling. He said that the move was making him nervous but he is looking forward to living at the Forum.
He has been waking up at 3 in the morning worried about the move. Only two weeks to go.

What’s done:
Dave and I worked over the weekend and got most of Dads books ready to go.
We finished divvying up the hollow silver.
I confirmed that the Senior movers are going to move items to my house and Dave’s house and storage. That part of the move is included in the original bid.
To do:
I am recommending that we rent a storage space for the month of October only.
Put everything there that doesn’t have an immediate home or is sale material
Have sale at one of our houses of all those items
               We may have to hire some labor to do the moving or wrangle our boys and friends to help.
               Our friend Kenneth could run the sale on Friday and Saturdayfor a percentage
               I plan to have stuff there from my storage, too
Everything leftover will be picked up by City Square (great organization; check their website.)
If we have items leftover in the apartment, we can get them to pick up there, too.
I have their info; will need to confirm dates
I spoke to the interstate movers. They need an accurate list of what is going where so we will have to figure that out.
               Then they will give us an estimate
               Dad is planning on paying for that move, too.
Dad was looking through the Forum info and each resident gets a small storage area free. Extra storage, if available, can be rented for $10/month
We can store the carousels and photo albums there. We might be able to put the archival boxes there, too.
               We need to talk to Cecilia and get size and availability of extra storage.
Clocks   Grandfather Clock:          $450 repair clean and move
               All other clocks                 $250 each clean
               I have authorized per Dad only the work on the grandfather clock
               Organize and pack garage sale stuff
               Figure out sewing and bookbinding stuff
               The movers will be breaking down and moving the shelving
               I think that we move everything that is going with Dad to the apartment the day before they come to pack his stuff just to help us see what hasn’t been done

I think that is it. One step at a time. Can anyone think of anything else?

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Mary, have a great time in Nepal!!

Helen Duran
Chef, Culinary Trainer
CISD Child Nutrition Department