Saturday, July 22, 2017


Talked to Dad this morning. He was about to head to the St. Michael Farmers Market, then settle down to the British Open, Jordan Spieth in the front. Dave and Susan should be en route to Santa Fe and Helen and Will tot Bossier City.
So I have my nose in the computer as usual. Found out a lot about J.D. Then found the Presbyterian Historical Society—I emailed them to see if they were interested in any of the Egypt pics, polyglot Bible, etc. For a Presbyterian, he was pretty interesting.
Also found where the Hilda Holme collection is—I could never remember the name of the college she gave it to.
Interesting. Maybe they want some more. ;-)
I'm going to talk to Ken Sanders about looking at some of the prints, etc. He's one of the most qualified people in the country for this and an acquaintance. Maybe he can give us a lead on someone closer to where they are.
Also, a first edition of Sapphira and the Slave Girl in a dust jacket sells for between $50 and $200 on collectors' book sites. So, thanks Helen.
We probably should set up an ebay business. Right.
Safe travels.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Clock Man and Lawsuit News

When I got to Dad's today I called Bud Milner Clocks and he came right over.
Older guy, this is his retirement job. He's from Dallas but has lived in Atlanta and Jackson MS. He had a clock shop in the Promenade when Mother worked at Evert's. His real job has always been managing construction for Club Corp.
So much in common with Dad. Too bad that we hadn't called him before. I bet he and Dad would have been friends.
He took the front off the clock and pulled out the works. Some wires were tangled and  he tried to get them straight right then. Have either of you ever seen the inside of that clock? I had no idea how to take it apart.
Dad said that the clock used to have wooden works. I didn't know that either.
Bud couldn't get the wires straight and he will take it to his shop to figure it out. Since he is in the process of moving the shop he wont pick it up until he has a place to work on it. He will have it done before 9/1.
I asked Dad about whether he wanted the clock at the Forum or not. I think that he is thinking about you Dave. Bud can move it and the other clocks if we want him to.
The lawyer who is working on the bus accident lawsuit called to say that Dad will get $25,000. That is after the hospital and the lawyer have been paid. Dad will get a check tomorrow morning. They will need to go and get the signatures notarized. I think that they will go to Chase for that.

I plan to go with.
More tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Moving Business

Spoke to the movers. We have an appointment on Friday 7/27 at 10 AM at Dad's apt. It would be great if we have an idea what will go to where by then.
I also spoke to the clock guy in the apartments. You know, the blue truck that has the Clock Man on it?
He works in the storeroom on the 4th floor.
He said he can come by anytime to look at the Waddington clock. He can also can move it. We need to find out from Dad how he feels about it.
Dave, you may need to make some room...

Signed Up! (Almost)

Dad and entourage met with Cecilia to finalize the deal. Signed tons of papers, including a lease agreement for one year. Deferred on signing others which required more information. And of course he did NOT give them a check, so the deal is still not totally closed. He told Cecilia that he had to discuss writing a check that size with his banker and that they would have to move some funds to cover the check. So he's got to take the check later in the week, presumably with the filled out forms. She was fine with that.

(Of course the first thing that Dad told me when I went in to pick him up was that he had just talked to Mary at Chase and told her what he was going to do. Once again, Dad the negotiator, retaining ultimate control over the deal!)

We went to the apartment and took full measurements. Helen and I both have copies. Now we can start playing with the plans and see what works best. The bed room is tiny, living area large.

Had lunch in the Dining Room. Food was good, but bland and slightly overcooked. My guess is that Dad will get real tired of the food, real quick.

BUT the move is on. Target is Sept 1.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Sunday

Another Sunday at the Apt with Dad.

Dad and I picked up Susan after church and went to Lakewood Barbecue for lunch. They really do a nice job on their brisket, true Texas Meat Candy. Dad really enjoyed not standing in line to order and eating off a plate rather than wrapping paper. Blackberry cobbler was state of the art!

We spent the afternoon documenting all the furniture in the apartment. Photos and measurements. I will try to get everything into a document that is sharable. Then we can see what will fit and what won't.

The room he chose is the one with the round window. It is the least expensive, but not the smallest of the rooms we saw. I'm going to pick him up in an hour then we have the meeting with Cecelia at the Forum presumably to close the deal.

That's it for now!

No, no one's called the movers. I did find the brochure!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Day at a Time

Dad came by the store yesterday on his way from exercise to Central Market. Looked good, didn't seem too tired. Walked in without his cane, but seemed fine without it.

He didn't need beer or anything, just wanted to let me know that he had made an appointment with Cecelia for next Monday. That's the 17th, I believe. At 10:00 am. He thought I might to go along. Probably Helen as well since she'll be back from Oregon.

As he told Mary, he thinks he'll take the simplest and smallest layout because it seems to have more wall space for furniture and art. He doesn't see much of his stuff fitting under windows. Also the least expensive.

Our plan is to meet Dad for lunch Sunday after church and then go back to the apt and start measuring furniture and we'll review the layouts then.

And be home in time for dinner and GAME of THRONES!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Changes Afoot

Been a good year for Dad.

Still following his weekly routine, staying busy with his exercise classes, routine doctor visits, various groups he's part of at church. He's mentioned several times that he's ready to stop ushering, but when his turn rolls around he doesn't stop. Cause that's who he is and what he does.

Several months ago he called a family meeting. Specifically he did not want it to revolve around a meal. Can't express the gravity of this request. The gist was this:

"I don't know if you're thinking about or not, but I am and I don't think I'll be able to live this life forever."

He was thinking about funding and the future.

And of course I know I'm thinking about it all the time.

So last Sunday, having passed his  92nd birthday, Dad made the decision that it is indeed time to move out of his apartment and into Senior Living.