Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Quick Report

Well, summer has hit us hard and between the hail and the heat and the birthdays, several weeks have now passed since the the last post and what seemed like imminent crisis has stabilized. Or at least it feels that way.

Tests don't show problems with Mom's heart (if I'm hearing her right.) She does have issues with racing pulse and erratic blood pressure and I think there are suspicions of another tumor. She has another set of scans with Timmerman in a few weeks which will give Kirkpatrick (the oncologist) a comparative set to go on.

So I don't know whether she is feeling slightly better or whether we've all just adjusted to her new condition. I suspect the latter. Travis spent time with them at Mother's Day and then again on Father's Day and said Mom seemed definitely weaker on the second visit.

On the other hand, she did go to church on Sunday and then she and Dad met Susan and myself for Sunday brunch at Crossroads Diner and she seemed just fine!

So summer goes on! The temp is supposed to drop below 100 in a couple of days.

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