Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey, it's great to get the pics and read the posts from Santa Fe. Thanks for posting.

Talked to Mother this morning.

Dad was off to see a new neurologist; evidently Dr. Chen has taken a job at the University of Iowa. I had no idea. Mom didn't feel well enough to go with him.

Mother and Daddy went to see Wyatt yesterday and kind of blew the appointment. The PET is scheduled, but when they asked about a cardiologist, Wyatt said he didn't see why she needed a cardiologist and they both forgot to mention the racing pulse symptons, etc. So he gave them a name but did not facilitate an appointment. Mother says she's going to call and see how long it would take to get in; if she has a problem, she'll call Wyatt.

I think we need to, what, circle the wagons, again–try to be more in touch with their appointments. It was hugely helpful for Helen to go see Dr. Tinman last week. For awhile I felt like (or was under the illusion that) Mom and Dad had stabilized to the point where we didn't need to be so closely involved as we were last summer, but

Like, I should have talked to Mother before she went to see Wyatt and made a list of things she needed to address.

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  1. Yeah, we need to be closer to the appointments. The more she (or any patient) can talk about the issues before the appt and verbalize what happened afer the appt, the more control you have over the treatment process.

    We are too easily lulled into a false sense of security.

    Thanks for the post.