Friday, November 16, 2012


When I was in Dallas, Daddy was having a real problem with pain in his neck (yes, insert joke here.) He said he'd "slept on it wrong" and it was so painful he was having trouble driving because he couldn't turn his head. It had subsided somewhat by the time I left, but when I talked to him this morning he said it was excruciating yesterday, to the point that he canceled his PrimeTimers outing and went to see Dr. Wiggins. The doc says there's nothing apparently wrong it except the neck muscles were clenched tight, almost like a fixed spasm. He took some Xrays and gave Dad some hydrocodone (which Dad had already tried to no avail) and some muscle relaxers. Daddy said it was better today. He should get the Xray back this afternoon, but the doctor seems to think it's just all that tension-causing stress (and grief.)  We'll see. He said he'd call back when he heard the results.
I guess that straight-backed posture takes its toll.

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