Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mid January Recap

Well, Santa Fe was a great success. Not without hiccups, but a great success nonetheless.

Everyone could feel that we were in new territory, but Boston went straight to Dad the moment he got out on to the icy ten degree Santa Fe street. After a visit at Michael and Laura's, we headed to Maria's where we had a big table in our own room. The Casita was terrific, very Santa Fe, but buttoned up and warm inside. The sofa-bed was comfortable and we were able to curtain it off so Dad had his own space.

We hit all the highlights, including several non-chile meals which Dad appreciated more and more as the trip went on. Needless to say we were all exhausted when we made pulled into Dallas late the next Sunday.

Susan had no grace, she went to work at 7 the next morning. I crashed. Dad resumed his normal schedule until he hit a cold or something. I know he ran fever and I remember being told that Dr. Wiggins said it wasn't the flu, but I was sick at the same time and I'm pretty sure I had a mild influenza encounter. Mine lasted several days. I didn't talk to him that week. He didn't answer the phone and his machine was not turned on. He heard at church that I was sick and called Sunday and talked to Susan.

My first day back at work this year was Tuesday, Jan 15. I talked to Dad that day. He called to tell me that we had Symphony tickets for the following Thursday and we made plans to go. He was feeling fine at that point.

Thursday he called to remind me of the tickets, but he was feeling terribly nauseated and went to vomit while I was on the phone. He said that he thought it was the chili he had eaten the day before. (Chili he had made before New Year and which had NOT been frozen.) After the cathartic regurgitation he said he felt much better AND he sounded way better, so I didn't react immediately. Later that afternoon I called to check up. He said he had another bout with the nausea soon after the first, but had been find since. He spent the day watching TV and had not eaten anything. I immediately went to Central Market for containers of Chicken Noodle Soup and a Chicken Pot Pie for when he was feeling better which was the next day.

He met Helen and Will for dinner as usual Friday night. He worked the Cooking Class at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning and cooked a chicken breast for himself Saturday night.. I saw him at church Sunday morning and he looked weak and pale. He said his appetite has been good, he's been eating full meals, but the last few nights have been riddled with bouts of diarrhea and he's lost 8 pounds since returning from Santa Fe.

Other than that he's fine.

He has an appointment with Dr. Wiggins tomorrow.

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