Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Words and pics from Michael Malouf

"Waddington's, Malouf's, Duran's all:
Here are photos of "the ceremony" at the site of Polly's final resting place, as they say. It was very moving, which I'm sure your parental units have already related. Semi-improvisational, semi-planned, it was all really spot on. The "liturgy" was nicely spare--circumstance with a nod to pomp, a cappella songs drawn from a kleenex-marked page in Polly's Book of Common Prayer, a stirring prayer by Mark Anschutz read by De-Don. The improv liturgy was staged so well I can't help but think Polly would have been pleased. My only hesitation was that we poured her ashes from the "original container", possibly breaking one of her cardinal rules, but then we weren't at the dinner table, so may we be granted a reprieve. This family is a tough crowd.

ED. NOTE: We were actually returning Mother to the original original container...

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