Monday, July 27, 2015

Check Up Time!

Dad and one of his Committee Members paid a visit to the cardiologist today for a three month checkup with Dr. D. the pacemaker specialist. Yes it's been three months since Dr. Musselman said the improvement in cardiac performance provided by the new device was sufficient to curtail the need for mitral valve surgery. It feels like longer than that.

There was his family 90th birthday celebration followed by an amazing weekend of 90th birthday celebrations with family and friends from coast to coast, from deserts to mountains. June was the Month of the Cousins. Schanches and Waddingtons one weekend, then Osbornes and Waddingtons two weeks later in the Methow Valley in the Cascades. Then Helen took Dad on a wonderful trip (with Susan and Travis) to visit Mr. J T Lemley, the KING of the EAST TEXAS TOMATO.

Through it all Dad has been feeling great.

That was borne out by the performance of his heart on the EKG  and the technical readouts from his pacemaker which is doing great. Of course his lifestyle and exercise regimen keep him sharp and in such great shape.

He goes back in six months.

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  1. Such great news! We just bought plane tickets and made reservations at Hells Backbone for his visit to Utah in October.