Saturday, October 1, 2011

After an Even Longer Interval

Talked to Mom and Dad this morning.

Dad answered. Sounded pathetic. Evidently he still feels nauseated and terrible after taking his morning meds. Musselman took him off the Amiodarone Wednesday (that was his arrhythmia medication and the suspected cause of his 'morning sickness.') Hasn't helped yet. It's a major cause of anger and depression. Sunday he was proclaiming with an angry edge to his voice that I'm not used to hearing that "If he doesn't take me off that damned drug I'll probably just stop taking it on my own!" Strong words from the D-Don man.

Other than that, he's doing fine. Aggressively doing his rehab work, walking and getting around with more strength.

Mom finally started taking her neuropathy medicine. I think it's starting to help. She saw the oncologist Kirkpatrick this week. I would like to have gone, but it was a hell day at the store and there was no way I could get off in the afternoon. I don't think there was much for him to say. He would like to do a scan and check on the tumor's progress (or lack of it), but Timmerman's group has scheduled it for a little later and he's going to respect their scheduling. Mom would have definitely liked him to do a scan as well. She's anxious to hear that the tumor is shrinking. Or dying. Or whatever is does once it's been zapped! She sounds stronger!

Will see them at some point this weekend. That's all for now!

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  1. I've been talking to Mom and Dad about every other day. Mom is consistently cheerful sounding, Dad fades in and out. The voice thing is driving him crazy. Mother told me some doctor said this could be Parkinson's, not meds related. Which would be horrible news because there's no treatment. Everyone still seems to hope they'll find that the medications are the cause.
    On another topic, can we plan something special for their anniversary?