Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nice, a Long Time Between Posts!

That's GOTTA be good news!

And it is.

Stability has been achieved. In Dad's words, "Everybody's been telling me that recovery is going to be a long, slow process, and I've finally learned to accept that."

The good news is that I think he sees recovery as going to work. So he's doing his walks up and down the corridors in the building, going where Mom has never gone before! And she went on his walk the other day.

I called on the phone Sunday. Dad answered and I asked how he was doing.

"Well, I guess I'm doing OK...." he answered.

I was taken aback. I think it was the first time he didn't respond with a negative statement about his condition and I think that's huge. Susan and I went by and picked them up and we went out for lunch. Sevy's was not open so we tried Crossroads Diner, which is owned/run by Tom and Karen Fleming. Tom is a chef who has been active in the local food community and worked with Mom and Dad on some of their AWIF projects. They were delighted to see Dad and it was great for him to see them. Tom sat down and visited for a while which was great. It was Dad's second meal out of the apartment since going home and his first 'social' engagement.

Mom had an appointment with Dr. Hardee yesterday and left Dad by himself for a bit, which is another big step. She seems to be regaining a little of her strength back.

They got a call back from Dr. Chen's office (she's the neurologist.) Nothing unusual showed up on the MRI (other than aneurysm clips.) It was a nurse making the call, so her message was pretty much scripted. Maybe we'll learn a little more after he has his next appointment. BUT NOTHING MUCH SHOWED UP.

And that's great news.

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