Tuesday, October 11, 2016

News from the other side

Thursday night Chamberlains had gulf oysters for $9 per dozen.
Will was out of town and I went with Dad.
He ate 2 dozen oysters.
Technically he shouldn't be eating oysters
Impaired immunity and oysters are not the best combination.
But who am I to take away pleasure at this stage?

On Friday, we went to Sevy's. He feels guilty that he relies on me and wanted to take me to dinner to say thanks. I let him.

Today he had an appointment with Dr Secor's P.A., Ashley. Dr. Secor came in at the end of the appointment.
Dad has a tendency to downplay his symptoms when talking to the doctors. I speak up but he minimizes what I say. I'm not sure he remembers everything either.
The doctors say that there are 2 possible reasons for the diarrhea.
The first is that they don't know. Its kinda like the Parkinson's: if you respond to the medicine, you must have the disease. Imodium and pro-biotic taken every day. Dad says it tightens the stools and he has time to get to the bathroom. They added Pepto-Bismol to the mix
Second, it could be microscopic colitis. The only way to find out is to go in and do a biopsy in his colon. Because of the warfarin they don't feel comfortable cutting him at all. They are concerned about the bleeding.
Dad is concerned about the flight to SLC.
I suggested Depends, at least on the plane.
That didn't go over too well but I think that he is considering it.

Also, he has been feeling too dizzy to drive comfortably. When he feels that way, he calls for a ride or he doesn't go.
That's a good thing but then he doesn't go to work out, or the Parkinson's class, or his balance class.
Maybe we can get him comfortable with Uber.

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