Thursday, October 6, 2016

Not Quite Back to Normal...

Evidently the pneumonia hit Dad harder than we thought.

Personally, I was worried that his raspy voice and throat would turn into full blown cold mode, but that doesn't seem to have happened. Yet.

He is weaker than before the pneumonia and you can hear it in his voice. He has pretty much not left the apartment since his discharge a week ago. He declined to go to the symphony tonight but was talking about driving out to Chamberlain's for their oyster special but I don't know whether or not he did. This is Thursday night as I write. btw Susan and I used his tickets and the concert was fabulous. Piano Concerto by Bartok was electric and the Brahms German Requiem was glorious. Sorry Dad couldn't go. James Diaz played the organ for the Brahms.

I went by the APT yesterday and spent an hour with him during my lunch break. Had a good visit and we watched an Arnold Palmer thing on the Golf Channel. Sorry he missed the memorial service for AP. He would have enjoyed it. I found him a few clips of the speakers online.

BUT, his big problem and his big concern are the explosive attacks of diarrhea that hit him with almost no warning resulting in ugly messes and extreme embarrassment. I suspect that was one reason he didn't want to go to the symphony or why he didn't go to church last Sunday. He does not disclose these attacks to me, I hear about them from Helen. When I asked yesterday he said he had been fine for a couple of days. I suspect he is taking more Imodium.

Evidently his appointment with Wiggins was fine. His chest was clear. He finally got an appointment with Dr Secor (gastroenterologist) for early next week. Obviously it would be great if someone could figure a way for him to gain better control. Especially before flying to Utah!

Helen, as always, this is my view of things and you are no doubt closer. I have sent you author invitations to the two emails I have on file for you.


  1. As I understand it, these bouts started in Maine. Not related to that, but could he have a parasite, like giardia? It's easy to get.

  2. Yes, they've been an issue, but more frequency. Parasite is a good idea. I'll make sure it's put to Dr Secor.