Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hospital Visit Recap: Thursday morning, July 28

Went by the hospital this morning and found Dad, looking rested, on the side of his bed eating his pancakes and scrambled eggs. Evidently it's the best thing the Presby kitchen has to offer.

The "hospitalists" - from central casting as Dad describes them - came by. Heart rhythms were still sounding great. We watched GMA for a while and discussed the sorry state of TV journalism. One of his therapists showed up and I left to go to work.

Dad and mom had a meeting with the head of the rehab department yesterday. Friday is the big day, they'll decide which facility and possibly move him as well. So Friday could well be a confusing day.

The good news is that heart seems to have stabilized, now it's just down to the hard work of rehab.


  1. I'll figure out how to post. This is just an addendum to Wednesday's info.

    July 27, morning
    I just got off the phone with Mother.

    The drugs that are supposed to fix the afib are cumulative; Musselman felt that they would eventually do the trick, so didn’t zap. Dad had one panicky breathing incident yesterday afternoon. They gave him a blood transfusion just before that, in the continued effort to get his blood pressure up.

    He’s not eating anything. Mother says she doesn’t know how hard to push on that and can’t get to the hospital early enough to talk to a doctor about it.

    Mother talked to Wyatt Rousseau and got a script for some drugs to fix her drug-induced thrush. Malouf picked it up for her last night before he visited her. He says she ate well. Rousseau wants her on oxygen full-time—as few breaks as possible.

    Last word is that they planned for Dad to leave Hamon on Friday, same day as Mom’s appt. There has been some talk about him going to Edgemere for rehab instead of Jackson; Mother has heard the facilities at Edgemere are definitely inferior and wants Daddy at Jackson in inpatient rehab. She may need help insisting on that.

    The phone number at the nurses’ station by Dad’s room is 214 345 3290. You can call there for updates. If they ask for a code word, it’s “D-don.”

    Kirkpatrick called Mom and said the SW procedure may be possible.

  2. The panicky moment you noted was at 2:14 Wednesday and is the last fibrillatory crisis on record! Stable since them.