Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hospital Visit Recap: Wed am 7/27

Had a good visit this morning.

Arrived a little after 8. The girl from CVC was there checking in. Dad had just finished breakfast and pronounced it the best hospital meal he'd had. He seemed chipper and though he complained some about lack of breath, it was not evident.

The nurse came in. Confirmed that his last official 'fibrillation' episode had been Tuesday afternoon, around 2 pm. Dad had had a couple of panicky episodes overnight where he felt he was out of breath, but the heart rhythms were not the culprit.

Main problem is that he's having trouble sleeping. When the nurse asked the problem, he said, "The damned bed!" Her response was that there were some older beds around and she would try to get it changed!

The other issue is general anxiety. He feels that he is still out of breath and mentions frequently that that was the root problem. He seems frustrated to have undergone all the surgery and still have the original problem.

Dr. Chloe came in. Said his rhythm sounded great, glad to see that the drug interevention seemed to be taking hold. I think it was Dr. Chloe who suggested that he take Xanax to help control the anxiety.

The 'hospitalists' came by. I forget their names. It's Tanya (Vanya?)'s last day. Clarissa (?, the blond one) will be on another detail after Saturday, but Dad should be gone before then.

Dr. Platt came and said the same things. Through it all, the amiodarone WAS doubled, not to 800 but to 1200. He is going to take it down to 800 and said it would be better to be lower than that before discharge. Wound is healing well. We discussed life after Hamon. Dad expressed desire for a few days in Jackson. Reminded him of Mom's condition and inability to provide critical care. He said he would work on it today.

Physical therapist came by. Dad walked to the family area at the end of hall and then went past his room before returning. She gave him some leg exercises he can do at any time while sitting. The occupational therapist was due later for upper body and arm work.

If anyone wants info over the phone from the nursing station, the code word is deedon. Immediate family only.

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