Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Treatment Tuesday

That's what today is.

Last Treatment Tuesday.

Adrian is coming to stay with Dad and Annie is taking Mom for the last Hyperfractionated Stereotactical Radiosurgery today. The last bits of her little stage 1 multilobular tumor is getting zapped. Kind of momentous. The treatment has been so much easier than I would imagine any of us thought it could possibly be. Mom is terribly fatigued, but has been courageous and pretty level-headed through it all. She's making a list of end-of-treatment questions (like, "What happens next???") to ask before she leaves.

When we talked this morning they were waiting for a visit from Dad's nurse whom they don't like. (They call her Nurse Ratched.) Mom was also going to have a long talk with Senior Helpers over the lack of continuity. I summarized our visit at the Forum (see last post) and we discussed the fact that they were going to need increasing care as time goes on. For that to work, they're going to have to have a regular caretaker who knows the drill. Senior Helpers has provided a different helper each time, so everything has to be explained each visit. That's a double whammy for Mom: frustrating and exhausting!

Apparently the neurologist Dad saw in the hospital doesn't have a regular office. That's why it's been difficult to see him. The only number they had at the hospital was his pager and he was off duty and not on-call at the time Mom was calling. They are going to ask Wiggans for a referral to a new neurologist when they see him on Wednesday. Mom wants to see a neurologist herself about the neuropathy in her feet.

So we'll know more tomorrow!

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