Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Any Given Sunday

Boy, when Mom and Dad finally go back to church they're going to need to get a classroom, get all their friends seated and hold a news conference! Today was the return of the choir after a month off, and I had to run a gauntlet of people asking about the parents. Dad said he dreads going back for just that reason, but he said it with a laugh that was good to hear.

I had to talk hard to get Mom to give me a grocery list, but she did so I made a Central Market run and took it by. It seemed to be a normal day at the apt. Dad's complaining less and seems more resigned to the fact that recovery is going to be long and slow and hard work. I think that means he's feeling better! Mom seems willing to just let things go more slowly. (Maybe I just got there at the right time?!?)

We put down a new strip of adhesive foam under the living room rug to keep it from moving on top of the carpet. It was particularly loose in front of Dad's chair and as he gets more mobile, it is becoming a bigger hazard. The job took moving a lot of furniture, that is a crowded room. Mom got down on the floor to help trim it and get it down flat. She's surprisingly mobile and flexible. As long as she's got her oxygen she's OK!!!

Dad goes back to the Neurologist for MRI's tomorrow to get the lowdown on stroke activity. Mom seemed surprised that I was planning on going. I assured her that it was not because I thought she couldn't do it. She always seems to think I have more important things to do.

(I don't think so!)

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  1. When I called this morning, Daddy answered the phone with a very hearty hello. When I told him he sounded great, he said he tended to be pretty good for an hour or so after getting up. That sounds a lot better than last week, when he only had negative things to say. He seems to be recovering slowly and I imagine the Zoloft is kicking in, too. Hooray. He said they were discussing where to go to lunch post MRI, which sounded like a good sign, but he says he's still not hungry. I suggested a marijuana prescription and he said he's thought about it!