Monday, September 12, 2011

Valium Trumps MRI Anxiety!

Now that's a headline.

But it's true. Dad took a half a pill about an hour before the MRI and went through with no problems. He was jittery and anxious when I got there to pick them up, but that was smoothed over! I met Melody and she does fit in nicely. It's all love and hugs at this point, I hope it continues.

The MRI was uneventful, except that evidently Dad has a couple of aneurysm clips in his brain.


Mystery Clips Found In Brain!

Now that's a headline.

The MRI tech mentioned the clips to Dad as if they're no big deal, but they certainly come as a surprise to all concerned. Our best guess is that Dr. Jackson put them in to control bleeding when he did the cranial biopsy. Dad certainly doesn't remember anyone else digging around inside his skull! On the other hand, it's an important thing to know, especially if it's stainless steel. Nowadays most clips are titanium, which do not cause problems with MRI's. Does anyone remember anything about this? Maybe the tech got the pictures mixed up? Mom needs to ask Dr. Chen what she can tell about the clips from the new images. Dr. Chen is supposed to call with the results in a couple of days.

We went to lunch afterwards. Dad wanted an enchilada so we went to El Fenix. First Mexican food since before the operation. Tasted great, he ate every bite!


  1. How weird. I don't remember ANYTHING about aneurysm clips and I was pretty much beside Mom and Dad the whole time because I was visiting from California and staying at the house.
    Glad to hear Dad had appetite for Tex-Mex. Never thought we'd be concerned about what he would eat, but he told me the other day, he's just not hungry.

  2. Loss of appetite is a major side effect of amiodarone, his arrhythmia medication, along with blurry vision, dizziness, shortage of breath, anxiety and difficult sleeping. Is he complaining of anything else? The 'normal' maintenance dose is 400 mg, he's at 200 mg. All of this according the last website I checked...truth in internet!