Saturday, September 3, 2011

Telephone Update

Talked to Mother yesterday afternoon: she had not had a great day. The last person from Senior Helpers, the one she liked, called in sick yesterday and yet another person was sent out. So far, the same person hasn't come twice, so they start from zero every time.

Dr. Wiggins wanted dad to see the neurologist again and Mother tried to make an appointment but the number she has is for the hospital, and when she asks for the neurologist, they keep connecting her to another neurology office with which this doctor is not affiliated.

Dad took a long walk yesterday, so he is improving but doesn't seem to feel that he is.

She was exhausted. Dad was asleep.

I raised the question of The Forum with her; evidently, they signed a two year lease for the place they're in now, so there is the question of how/whether they could get out of that. Helen, you probably know about this? I called the Forum yesterday to start the conversation about the veteran benefits; the person is supposed to call me back.

Glen and I are planning to come to Dallas the weekend of October 8.

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