Monday, March 16, 2015

Confusing But Productive

We knew the confusion was there. It was discussed at dinner Friday night and persisted through the weekend.

So I showed up at Dad's halfway expecting to meet the home nurse who was to take blood samples. Then we were going to head to the cardiologist. Or maybe were going to the cardiologist at 9 and coming home to meet the home nurse. (The confusion!)

So there was Dad waiting to get in the car with a third option and we went to an 8 o'clock appointment, only to be greeted, "Honey, you're several hours early!"

His only appointment for today was this afternoon for a routine pacemaker check. So home we went and waited.

Finally both the nurse and physical therapist came at the same time. Dad got a good workout, his PT test (much better numbers) and blood was drawn for the cultures to test for the infection.

And it's the first warm sunny day in Big D in an unusually long time.


  1. So where does that leave it? Is this the blood culture that's going to take 24 hours to see if the infection is gone? Or does he have to go in for that? I'm STILL confused! ;-) mm

  2. Yes, this is the test that we wait for Doctor Hasan to tell us if he is infection free.

  3. Dad had no news as of when we spoke last night. But then we didn't expect any yet. Maybe tomorrow? He says that he has no appointments today (Wednesday.)