Sunday, March 15, 2015

Eye of Calm

Sorry for the silence. It's been a while between posts and I've received a couple of emails asking "What's up?"

Dad has spent the last couple of weeks since his discharge from the hospital at his apartment waiting to see if his infections flared. He went a week of IV antibiotics in the hospital, then a week of oral antibiotics at home, followed by a week with no antibiotics. The good news is that he has shown no sign of infection. And the infectious wound (scrape) on his left shin is healing as well.

The Man is getting restless, with two weeks under what amounts to house arrest. Helen has been spending nights. Nursing care and rehab has been provided by the hospital. Much support (meals and phone calls) has been received from the church community. Nancy Nichols and Amy Severson brought dinner fixed by Chef 'Sevy' of Sevy's Grill last week: Double Manhattans, linguini with lobster and strip steaks with pie and crème brulees for dessert. He's doin' alright.

Action resumes tomorrow.

He has two appointments with his cardiologist, one for his PT test (aka pro time, or prothrombin time test) and one to meet with Dr. Musselman.

He also has an appointment to get a blood draw which will be sent to the infectious wound specialist who will grow a culture to check for infections. Results won't be known for at least 24 hours.

Obviously the next hurdle is to make sure he's clear of infection, then we can begin to discuss rescheduling the heart surgery to repair/replace the valve.

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