Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Episode 2.18: A Quick Update

As Dallas heads into another bout with frozen precipitation, I just checked in with Dad.

Last night was wound crisis night. Helen called and we were at a loss for exact instructions on caring for the leg wound (red and swollen after a day on his feet messing around the apartment) as well as the IV puncture started bleeding again. It stopped after applying a second compression bandage.

Three nurses came this afternoon. The leg is looking better, he says (and evidently they say.) The bleeding from the IV spot is another matter. They called various doctors and nurses and decided to back off on the heparin injections until the spot clots and heals. His INR is still low, 1.4, but he just keeps bleeding when the compression is eased.

His spirits are good. Food deliveries continue on schedule and the fridge is filling up.

Apartment bound with a full larder will be a good way to spend the next couple of days!

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