Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Signed Up! (Almost)

Dad and entourage met with Cecilia to finalize the deal. Signed tons of papers, including a lease agreement for one year. Deferred on signing others which required more information. And of course he did NOT give them a check, so the deal is still not totally closed. He told Cecilia that he had to discuss writing a check that size with his banker and that they would have to move some funds to cover the check. So he's got to take the check later in the week, presumably with the filled out forms. She was fine with that.

(Of course the first thing that Dad told me when I went in to pick him up was that he had just talked to Mary at Chase and told her what he was going to do. Once again, Dad the negotiator, retaining ultimate control over the deal!)

We went to the apartment and took full measurements. Helen and I both have copies. Now we can start playing with the plans and see what works best. The bed room is tiny, living area large.

Had lunch in the Dining Room. Food was good, but bland and slightly overcooked. My guess is that Dad will get real tired of the food, real quick.

BUT the move is on. Target is Sept 1.

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