Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Day at a Time

Dad came by the store yesterday on his way from exercise to Central Market. Looked good, didn't seem too tired. Walked in without his cane, but seemed fine without it.

He didn't need beer or anything, just wanted to let me know that he had made an appointment with Cecelia for next Monday. That's the 17th, I believe. At 10:00 am. He thought I might to go along. Probably Helen as well since she'll be back from Oregon.

As he told Mary, he thinks he'll take the simplest and smallest layout because it seems to have more wall space for furniture and art. He doesn't see much of his stuff fitting under windows. Also the least expensive.

Our plan is to meet Dad for lunch Sunday after church and then go back to the apt and start measuring furniture and we'll review the layouts then.

And be home in time for dinner and GAME of THRONES!!!


  1. Sounds great Dave. Now that he's made the decision, he seems energized. Did he call those movers yet? Thanks for keeping me in the loop. xo

  2. he didn't mention the movers. one step at a time.