Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Clock Man and Lawsuit News

When I got to Dad's today I called Bud Milner Clocks and he came right over.
Older guy, this is his retirement job. He's from Dallas but has lived in Atlanta and Jackson MS. He had a clock shop in the Promenade when Mother worked at Evert's. His real job has always been managing construction for Club Corp.
So much in common with Dad. Too bad that we hadn't called him before. I bet he and Dad would have been friends.
He took the front off the clock and pulled out the works. Some wires were tangled and  he tried to get them straight right then. Have either of you ever seen the inside of that clock? I had no idea how to take it apart.
Dad said that the clock used to have wooden works. I didn't know that either.
Bud couldn't get the wires straight and he will take it to his shop to figure it out. Since he is in the process of moving the shop he wont pick it up until he has a place to work on it. He will have it done before 9/1.
I asked Dad about whether he wanted the clock at the Forum or not. I think that he is thinking about you Dave. Bud can move it and the other clocks if we want him to.
The lawyer who is working on the bus accident lawsuit called to say that Dad will get $25,000. That is after the hospital and the lawyer have been paid. Dad will get a check tomorrow morning. They will need to go and get the signatures notarized. I think that they will go to Chase for that.

I plan to go with.
More tomorrow.


  1. Great news, thanks for pursuing. I'm excited to learn the history of the clock. Who made it, where, who bought it, where. Does Dad have any idea when the works were replaced?

    We know where to put the big clock. Our problem is
    relocating our current clock, but that is not an insurmountable problem!

  2. Thanks to all. I'm over my head with work right now; we ship the magazine next week. So I'm just now catching up with the blog, etc., so now I know what you mean about the appointment. I guess I need to figure out what to do with the Jerauld mirror too. So much stuff. Are we putting the stuff we didn't decide about in storage? Whose storage? Do we need to rent a new one for all this? I can help pay.

  3. By the way, Mother knew that clock shop in the Promenade. We went there together.