Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday morning conversation

Mother and I called each other practically simultaneously this morning, having missed our usual Wednesday talk.
She said they got the medication right last night and Daddy's Ambien worked; he got a solid night's sleep. The nurse is supposed to bring more dressings by for the sore today; there weren't any at the house. Will brought by some foam cushioning for sitting and lying down, which eased the pressure point considerably, so Dad's more comfortable. And the Mullins (sp?) from SMAA brought by a coffee cake for breakfast.
Mother rubbed a blister on her foot before realized the problem was her feet and ankles have swollen considerably. She called Hardie who doubled her Lasix, but she needs to get in to see her ASAP. Soonest possibility is Friday morning, but she'll need someone to stay with Daddy. Adrian? I know she said Dave is going to the Wiggins appointment with Dad in the afternoon.
So I feel frivolous, but I'm leaving for Maine in the morning. I'll have my cell.

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