Wednesday, October 10, 2012

63 Years

Monday was Mom and Dad's 63rd wedding anniversary.

Since Will's and my anniversary is close to theirs' we often celebrated together and I was very aware of the date and concerned about Dad's frame of mind. I just couldn't bear to think of him alone.

I had a short day at work on Monday so I made plans to go over to the apartment and help with thank you notes. I got there just as Dad was getting home from his doctor appointment. (Another strange moment: I had to use a key to get in. I'm not sure that I have ever been there when one of them was not home. Certainly not recently.)

We made decent progress on the notes but Dad had to go to the grocery store for basics and breakfast food. He rarely eats dinner at home lately, but was running thin on coffee and milk. So I, of course, invited him over for dinner. He went to CM and I went home to cook.

He came over, we ate dinner and were visiting, when Dad said, "Oh, it's our anniversary today! I've been writing 10/8 on things all day and I never realized it." He had forgotten completely. Is that a good thing? I don't know.

We also spoke about Mom's "things". Clothes, etc. He took a very practical view about it all. He suggested we take things to the Genesis Womens' Shelter. That Mom would approve.

Great idea, Dad, and a good anniversary gift for Mom.

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  1. He remembered very early in the day like about 2am in the Emergency Room at Presbyterian. They were finishing his ER registration just as they were handing him his discharge papers when they said it was now October 8th.

    Dad said, "That's our anniversay date. Polly died just a few weeks ago, But we've made it 63 years!"

    Plurality can be such a bitch.