Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I hadn't talked to Daddy in a couple of days, because like I said, I'm trying not to breathe down his neck. But when I told him that today, he said, "I didn't used to like to talk on the phone. But now, I'm glad to hear the phone ring." I guess the apartment feels pretty empty. Although he says he's had plenty of evening activity: dinner with Anne James, dinner with Ruth Mason and of course, with family.
He had just returned from his appointment with the oral surgeon. The doc removed the stitches in Dad's tongue and said the biopsy was benign. So the bleeding tongue remains a mystery, but it's over. They keep telling Daddy he must have bitten his tongue, but I don't see how he could have bitten it in the middle like that.
I'll be in Dallas early November to work on that story for D. Till then, guess I'll call Dad more often.

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  1. If you run your tongue over the front of your teeth, the business end of the eye tooth would be at the point where I saw the bleeding. It could have happened in his sleep or maybe he just didn't notice it. There's really nothing else it could be!

    Talked to him a couple of hours ago. He was working on Thank You's, said it was going to keep him busy for a while as slow as they were going. Then he's off to an AWIF event at the Pyramid Room with the Kings.

    He seems in great spirits, alert and in control when I see him and talk to him. (Even in the ER!)