Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dad's bleeding tongue

So I'm trying not to call Daddy every day. I don't want him to think I'm breathing down his neck.

But I did call today and he told me about his visit to the emergency room night before last. He woke up with his mouth full of blood, couldn't get it to stop and ended up going to the hospital where no one knew what the deal was. They stopped the bleeding and sent him home with the suggestion he see an ENT guy. But the next day he had an appointment with Ed Crowe Miller anyway, so he asked him about it, and Ed said he should see an oral surgeon and sent him downstairs to see one immediately. Of course, the guy graduated from Emory.

Anyway, no one ever figured out what caused the bleeding, but the doc took a biopsy and now Dad has four stitches in the middle of his tongue.

He sounded pretty chipper anyway and he'll go back in two weeks for the biopsy results and to get the stitches out.

He said he had no evening plans this week. I think I'll call him tomorrow, too.

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