Wednesday, October 10, 2012


When I talked to Dad the other day, he was waiting for Isabel, the young Latina who cleans his house, to come over, but he didn't know why. Her husband James had called and scheduled the visit. Dad was afraid maybe she wanted to quit or something. A raise?

Turns out, she just wanted to visit Dad, make sure he was alright, and say how sorry she was about Mother and how much she enjoyed working for them. A formal condolences visit.

Everything was communicated through James, of course, because Isabel doesn't speak English, but they reminisced about Mother. Isabel told how Mother had gone through the 80th birthday book with her and how they had learned to communicate with gestures. She asked about Mother and Daddy, how long they'd known each other and how long they were married.

They stayed an hour and a half, just visiting.

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