Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Cross on a Shoestring

I needed some real tomatoes for work but the weather didn't cooperate.
Last week I finally found some at Lemley's.

When I ordered the tomatoes I reminded Farmer Lemley of my connection to Mom and Dad. He wanted to know how Mom was doing and I told him the news. I said I would be at the Market with Dad on Saturday and he said be sure to bring Dad by.

At the Market, Mr. Lemley came down to the sidewalk and gave Dad a big hug. Mrs. Lemley died 4 years ago. He assured Dad that their wives were still with them but that they were also in a better place. Only a man with that accent can say it so sincerely.

Then he pulled a cross out of his shirt and said "I have her cross on a shoestring. I wanted to wear the cross, but I can't wear a chain. I finally thought of her shoestring and I've been wearing it ever since."

Good idea.

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