Monday, February 23, 2015

And Here's the Latest...

Latest news from the hospital:

Dad is feeling somewhat better. He is on antibiotics and is waiting in Emergency for a room to open where he will be admitted. Due to today's onslaught of Thundersleet, schools are closed and staffs are short-handed. Also patients are not leaving who would otherwise be leaving. So if you think hospital time moves slowly...

The urinary tract has been ruled out as a cause of infection, which is too bad because uti's are easily and quickly treated. He does have some congestion in the bottom of his lungs. When they asked him if he'd had a cold he said no, but I told Mary he'd had at least three, on one of which he went back to his primary caregiver for a second dose of Amoxicillin. Tests are underway. Currently the cause of the infection is undiagnosed.

Surgery has been postponed indefinitely.

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