Monday, February 23, 2015

Oops! Didnt' See THAT Coming!

The week following Dad's decision to undergo mitral valve surgery was relatively uneventful. His breathlessness seems to be worsening a rapid rate. His resolve to repair the issue is very strong. And that's huge.

Susan and I left Friday for a quick weekend together in New York City. And had a fabulous time, thank you very much. Well documented on Facebook. So we were out of the pre-surgery weekend picture.

Mary flew down from Salt Lake Saturday to be here for the week. They were scheduled to go for some pre-surgery tests this morning (Monday.) The weather threw the first punch by bringing in an inch of sleet in the early morning hours. Much better than freezing rain which is debilitating.

Dad threw the second punch by waking up with shaking spasms and a high fever. He woke Mary up who called an ambulance and took him to the emergency room. I spoke to her about 7 this morning and it looks like he has an urinary tract infection. A little rare in men, but he showed blood in his urine a couple of days ago. His doctors were somewhat laissez-faire since he was going into the hospital in just a couple of days. I'm not sure I totally understand that rationale since he was going in for heart surgery, but our inclination is always to trust the doctors.

Usually UTIs clear up quick with IV antibiotics. No decision had been made regarding postponing surgery when I talked with Mary this morning,

I'll post more as information becomes available.

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