Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leaving temporarily

Daddy finally got a good night's sleep last night after a busy day—lots of visitors, phone calls, consultations.
He spent a lot of the day sitting up and took some walks and exercises. He's intent on trying to maintain his strength especially after one nurse helpfully pointed out that "it takes 3 days of activity to catch up with one day spent in bed."
We learned a lot from a conversation with the occupational therapist—advice for allowing Dad to remain independent in his own apartment as long as possible.
His strength, acuity and general health, which were his strong points headed into this surgery, have been hugely sapped by the infection.
Today he goes for his last galium scan. Tomorrow the TEE and, one doctor has told us, possibly some actual information, i.e. test results.
Until then, we're in limbo.

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