Friday, February 27, 2015

At Last, Some News

It's another cold day in Dallas as I arrived at the hospital around 7 this morning. Winter mix is on the way, so they say.
(Pause in the time line.)
Make that snow! Coming down at a reasonable clip. Dad was in as good as his spirits can be when you keep the man from his breakfast.

We heard the big news earlier, first from his nurse, then from the internist. The Gallium screens came back negative, showing no signs of further infection. That's the big news we've been waiting to hear!
Not only that but no culture has grown from the blood draw they took yesterday. Previous blood draws earlier in the week had grown cultures within the first 12 hours. More good news!
Now the TEE just has to show clean images of the  artificial parts of his heart. I left him in the preop and hope to hear results this morning.
The next step will be getting him off of heparin and stabilized on Coumadin. And then there's the future course of followup antibiotics. He'll stay in the hospital through the weekend.

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  1. Hallelujah! Dave, thank you so much for being there to hear this. I am so relieved (with some qualifications.) Love to all.