Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Late

After a long day today and another long tomorrow, a few words for those who might be following.

Really, nothing new to report today.

He had his first gallium screening today, more to follow. He had a sonogram of his kidneys today. He is doing some physical therapy, walking and such. He's in better spirits and seems to be responding to the antibiotics. That's good news and might be a sign that the infection is not widely spread. If it were, he would probably not be recovering as quickly.

So, just another day.

Michael and Laura summed things up in our conversation last night, "How lucky we are that the infection surfaced and he didn't carry it through into open heart surgery." I mentioned this to Dad and Mary today. The conversation went on.

A few minutes later, Dad smiled and shook his head. "They were  really right!" He said with a smile. It was a real positive realization.

So, we're in a holding pattern until we know the extent of the infection.

Mary is flying back to Utah Thursday morning.

Mary and Helen, Susan and myself met for a dinner of restorative curries at Royal Thai to review the week and discuss the future.

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