Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I never knew...

...that cleaning a wound with hydrogen peroxide has not been recommended by wound specialists for ten years.
We learned this from Presby's wound specialist when he came to look at Daddy's leg. So Daddy, who had cleaned the scrape on his leg with hydrogen peroxide and bandaged it with neosporin, which is exactly what I would have done, shouldna done that. 
Soap and water is what you want. 
Daddy's leg was photographed—all wounds are photographed and attached to patient records—then a patch of Medihoney was applied and a loose elastic open weave bandage. 
Honey! It's manuka honey, pretty much exclusively from New Zealand bees who feed on flowers from the manuka plant which is related to myrtle. It has osmotic properties and draws out the fluid from the infection and it also has anti-bacterial properties. 
We also learned that silver has anti-bacterial properties: In modern times it was first used to help combat foot rot in Vietnam soldiers and now they use it in burn and wound bandaging. 
Good news for me, obviously. I wear 16 silver rings most of the time.

And good news for Susan—I see a whole line of silver jewelry designed to be worn over healing tattoos. An upsell for tattoo parlors...
I guess copper bracelets are so out now. 

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