Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Quiet Monday Afternoon

Spent a quiet Monday afternoon with Mom yesterday. Her room is really quite peaceful. I have never spent any time in that room, visits have alwasy been in the living area. But as she said yesterday, "It is really the nicest room in the apartment."

The large north-facing window is filled with the green leaves of a fast-growing "trash" tree. When they moved into the apartment, the top of the tree barely reached the window sill, now it fills the window. Its fresh green leaves filter the light and the result makes for quite a tranquil afternoon.

Her bed of course is filled with lists. She wanted me there to fill out her Willed Body Donation application to UT Southwestern Medical. If they accept her body, they will pick it up, eventually use it, and when they're done they cremate and return some ashes, if desired. Dad gets frustrated easily by questionaires (I saw this when accompanying him to appointments last summer.) And I suspect it was easier for her to discuss the form with me than him. There were a lot of personal questions which Mom discussed very openly. There was a sense of honesty and reflection. Conversation was easy.

I met Sharah, the new helper. Mom had had her bath, one reason she was so relaxed. She said it amazing how she could let go and trust Sharah to hold her. Sharah also is willing to learn to do things Mom's way including making the bed. Mom never did let or even show Mary Gouge how to maker her bed. She knew Mary would never be able to get it right. Susan and I paid the price. In all the years Mary changed our sheets, they always came loose in a couple of days.

Dad was gone while I was there, he had an appointment with Dr. Wiggins. When he came back and they started to discuss dinner and such, Mom began to return to form and it was time for me to go.

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