Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday Drop In Visit

Dropped into the aparment after lunch on Monday for a visit.

Atmosphere was relaxed. A woman from church was just leaving having dropped off a dozen decorated 'baby bundt' cakes. Dad was still in the parking garage saying goodbye when I came down the stairs and slipped into the apartment. Mom was lying on her bed when I walked into her room.

She really enjoyed Travis's visit over the weekend. Especially when she learned she didn't have to feel guilty about keeping him from helping Susan get ready for the first day of school.

While we visited, she shared a couple of her blessings. One was a letter from June Bishop (she made a copies to distribute) in which June recalls memories of their friendship back to its beginning in second grade. Many of the anecdotes were new to me. I never know that Mom dyed her hair with hydrogen peroxide. It was an experiment and it turned her hair orange instead of blonde. Grannie took a "dim view," she said.

She also had in her hands a diary that she had started in January, 1946. She read an excerpt."Donnie and I double dated tonight with Vic and MBW. Vic was in a bad mood, but Donnie and I had a great time! Oh, do I love that boy!!!" She said she wrote that every few days for as long as she kept the diary.

Dad said, "You never told me."

"Well, you never said 'I love you' either," Mom shot back. Surprisingly, they both let it drop.

I signed documents to become signatory to their accounts. Mom seemed to struggle a little. I think it was the morphine. Little things seemed to confuse her. But Mom let them drop.

(I'll pause a minute and let those last words sink in...)

Anyway, I hope she lets us read that diary. She's screening it to to make sure it's OK for us to read.

It was a good visit.

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