Thursday, August 16, 2012

Return of the Mom

Right as the initial waves of our wine tasting were breaking in the store I noticed that I had missed a call from Lupton. I was pouring and describing three bottles of wine and welcoming customers to the tasting and it was three hours later that I checked the voice-mail. It was Mom. "Call when you get a chance!" She sounded OK. So I called (about 8:30, haven't returned a call to her at that hour in a while!) Mom answered in a much stronger voice than I've been used to hearing. "Never mind," she said. "We were wondering what you were doing for dinner?"

We hashed that and Susan's schedule for a minute, then she told me that she was going to have to fire the wonderful young woman who has been so great with her in the bath and folding the sheets. Apparently she left a personal mess in the toilet, so .... That was news. So it looks like they're going to be back without any help. Mom's talking about getting someone from hospice to help with showers, but when they tried that, they came at 8:30 in the morning, before she'd even had her toast and you know, you can't have that!

I'm confused. Where did they find Sharah?

And she's worried about how tired Dad is in the evening. He goes to rehab every day and is amazed at how many errands and chores he has to do. I made the mistake of saying that running errands and doing the things she was worried about were the kind one of  the things Senior Helper was supposed to have done but that they had never let them do.

Boy, did I pay for that one! Ten minutes later, it was time to close the store and I said, "Good night!"

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  1. I'm confused, too. I thought Sharah was the caretaker from hospice. If not, what?
    She has to have someone and Daddy can NOT do everything. He has his own health to take care of.

    Anyway, it has been and will be a problem to the end; Mother is a hard person to help.

    And confusing emotionally: How can I be angry at a dying woman?!