Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day to Day

Mom has called on me to do several errands and odd jobs for her.

Helping her to organize and put away papers. Getting her the right hair conditioner and trail mix, etc.
I have been trying to go every day or at least every other day.

She has become very frank and open about her death. Sometimes I think it is bravado sometimes it is Mom, the realist. I can only hope I will be so real when its my time.

Mark Anschutz told her to write down what she really wants to say to people so she will remember when she sees them. Great advice for Mom, the listmaker. And it seems to be calming her down (a bit).

On Sunday evening she was railing at herself for being so stupid (to smoke). What a dumb thing to start smoking. I pointed out the historical reality: that she didn't know that smoking was bad for her until she had smoked for 20 years and at that point there wasn't much she could do about the addiction. She agreed but regret is high on her list at the moment.

She is also being very frank with me about her alcoholism and that is a first. Does it take death to break down that wall? Apparently so.

Physically she is failing slowly day to day. It is progressively harder for her to talk and breathe. It must be frustrating for her to have to talk so much slower than her brain works.

To end on a happier note. Tonight Mom and Dad finished a rotisserie chicken from Costco that Louise King brought over. (Who knew Costco had great roast chicken?) Mom got Dad to call me to see if I wanted the bones since she wasn't going to use them. (I said no.) So very Mom.

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