Friday, August 24, 2012

She's on top of it.

Talked to Mother this morning; she said she was very anxious to tell me something:
She's confused.
That's it. She says she is experiencing mental confusion and she knows it and she wants everyone to know she knows it.
She's on top of her mental confusion, she says.

Her hospice caretaker came to bathe her last night, but said she is not supposed to make Mother's bed unless it is a hospital bed.

She has called the agency to try to get Sharah back.

She has also called an agency that says it takes care of caregivers, which might give them the household help Mom and Dad need. I told her we (I) could easily make these phone calls from SLC for her, if it took too much energy for her to do it. Or if she was feeling confused keeping track of it all.

She declined for now.

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  1. "I just wanted to let you that I'm confused from time to time. It's a side effect of my COPD. And I thought it was important that I tell each one of you that I know I'm confused.."