Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday conversation

A couple of conversations with Mother today, interrupted by work.

This afternoon, she told me that hospice care had prescribed nebulized morphine to ease her respiration. Her caretaker said she may never experience pain, but the morphine obviously would help with that, too.

I read about the use of morphine for breathing problems here:

I didn't really realize that Mother is spending most of her time in bed. I guess the reunion weekend will just be a parade. Anna gets in at noon on Friday, Britt gets in at 5. We get in Thursday and will rent a car.

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  1. Instead of thinking of the visits to Polly as a parade, think of the whole weekend as, to quote BB, "Christmas in September". It will be good for all of us to be together in various groupings. Perhaps we will have HQ at our house one day and at Helen & Will's another - sort of like waiting rooms at a hospital, where we can talk, eat, nap, or whatever, while small groups take turns visiting the apartment.